About me

Welcome to Journey with Jen.

Journey with Jen was founded back in 2017. I’ve always been interested in writing and rediscovered my flair for writing whilst I was working for a digital marketing agency. After working there for a number of years, I packed up my bags and went travelling around Southe America and Canada.

I decided to dedicate this space to travel guides, tips and the physical travel journey I embarked on. Whilst this is still the case, I am also going through a spiritual journey and I feel the urge to document that, too.

I am on a journey to discovering my ultimate me through the practice of law of attraction, manifestation, affirmations and gratitude. I’m in the middle of a mindset shift and it’s hard work, yet enlightening and genuinely life changing.

Let’s see how this goes. Follow me along whilst I journey through my tranformative twenties, I’d love to share it with you.