The benefits I’ve felt from having a stricter morning routine

I work 9 am – 5 pm and commute on average 45 minutes to and from work. I usually have to leave my house at 8 am, which meant my alarm was set to go off as late as possible to have as much time in bed as humanly possible before getting up and rushing to get ready for work. Rushing in the morning was ultimately making my days feel hectic, with no order to them. This is when I learnt about morning routines.

I listened to a great podcast by Mimi Bouchard all about the benefits she’s personally reaped from having a morning routine. She discusses how when she doesn’t practise her morning routine, she feels out of sync with her life and that she isn’t optimising her day.

This made me think about what it would be like to introduce a morning routine to my mornings. Although it’s only been a few weeks, I’ve definitely noticed some great benefits to my days and weeks since introducing my own mini morning routine. I call it a ‘mini morning routine’ because against Mimi’s, it is a bite-sized version, but it works perfectly for me and I can progress it further in the future.

In this article, I share my morning routine and delve into the benefits I’ve noticed.

Wake up and get up

The first thing I did when introducing my morning routine was to make my alarm 20 minutes earlier from 6:50 am to 6:30 am Monday to Friday. This may sound like a small change, but it gives me more time to enjoy my morning.

When I changed my alarm time, I also turned off the snooze option. This way when I wake up, I get up. This has optimised my morning and ensures I don’t fall back into a light sleep that will make me feel drowsy which I love. This also stops me from scrolling through social media, which has personal benefits for me.

Tongue bacteria

Before I drink any water (my next step) or eat my breakfast, I make sure to scrape all of the bacteria that builds up on my tongue overnight. Research has found that using a tongue scraper reduces the overall incidence of Mutans Streptococci and Lactobacilli bacteria in the mouth, plus it reduces bad breath, improves your sense of taste and your overall health.

I purchased a copper tongue scraper from Amazon, as these are proven to be better than plastic, and I absolutely love it. I can definitely see the difference in my tongue’s appearance and my taste senses.


Before I eat any breakfast, I have a sit down in the kitchen with a large glass of filtered water. I drink it, take some deep breaths and practise gratitude. If you don’t wake up throughout the night for a drink, that means that you may have gone through an average of 8 hours with no liquids, so hydration is key.

Not only has this made me feel more awake, but it’s also made me more hydrated throughout the day and I’ve noticed my skin is much more glowy.

The art of gratitude

Every morning I say 5 things that I am grateful for in my life. I started with quite big things such as my long term boyfriend, my family and their health. Once I’d said these, I was starting to struggle with what I was grateful for. With everything that was going on in my life, I had forgotten how to be grateful for the smaller things in life. This is so important and it’s something I’m getting better at every single day.

Not only does this benefit my morning, but I’ve also noticed that throughout the day, I’m more grateful for the small stuff. It feels amazing and is becoming more and more natural to me.


I got in a habit of having toast every day for breakfast and it was making me feel super slugglish and bloated throughout the day. I’ve now started to eat healthier breakfasts, like oats with fruit, which has made a whole lot of difference. This is just personal to me, there’s nothing wrong with toast!

The benefits of having a healthier breakfast for me has been for my mind and body. My brain is fueled and my body isn’t bloated, win win.


I’ve recently been introduced to the wonderful world of pilates (thanks, Mama!) which I do every week and love it – I’ll do a separate post about this in more detail. From my weekly classes, I have learnt some life changing stretches that awaken my body and get me ready for the day ahead. I only spend about 5 – 10 minutes a morning on this in my pyjamas in the lounge, but it’s my favourite thing to do.

I feel genuinely empowered and energised to start my day with focus and purpose.

Time to get ready

After all of that, which usually takes about half an hour or 40 minutes, I hop in the shower and get ready for work.

Key takeaways

I’m definitely not telling you that you should get up earlier, practise pilates and cook up a storm of a healthy breakfast in order to have a more empowered and fulfilled life. But, I am telling you that by organising my mornings, my days have become more organised and I feel like it has helped me get on track to becoming my ultimate me.

From these small changes, my days have benefited greatly and have become more fulfilled. Our days make up our weeks, which make up our months, which make up our years and ultimately, our lives. Small changes to make our days better, will make your life more fulfilled and more joyful. By having a stricter morning routine, I’m noticing that change and I can’t wait to keep going to see what else it will teach me.

Do you practise a morning routine? What is your favourite part?


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