Travel apps to help you on bigger trips

When you’re travelling around new countries and cities, especially when the first language spoken isn’t your own, having a few of these travel apps on your phone will make your trip 100% easier. Some days when you’re travelling do nooooot go smoothly; I didn’t have data on my phone for the whole 7 months I was away, so having the following travel apps downloaded and using them offline saved my butt too many times to count.


Where to book accommodation:


  • Hostel World
  • HostelBookers
  • Airbnb


My personal favourite accommodation travel app was Hostel World – on the app, you can see a breakdown of reviews and how different categories are rated out of 10. On HW, you have to pay a deposit of 15%, so if you can book directly after looking at the reviews, that’s a good way to save some money.


Know where you’re going:


  • Google maps
  • Citymapper
  • Uber


We used the the most, you have to remember to download the country to use it offline and it’s 90% of the time right (although can sometimes take you a bit of a long way round). You can add helpful notes on it as well for other people using it.


Citymapper and Google maps are both better travel apps if you know you’ll need to be taking public transport during the day; they’ll recommend the number bus, show you where to get it from and when to get off to carry on your travels to the destination.


I know Uber isn’t a maps app per say, but it’s definitely a handy app to have if you’re in bigger cities and need transport asap – the only downside is you need data or wifi to order a car.


Hi, Hola, Bonjour…


  • Google Translate


You can download languages offline and scan your camera over items (like in a supermarket) or signs to understand them fully. Additionally, you can type in what you need to say and show it to whoever you’re attempting to speak to. Occasionally, you may know what to say, but you might be saying it in the wrong dialect which makes it hard to understand. We found that people didn’t mind this way of communicating at all, although we thought it was a little rude of us at times!


Track your travel:


  • Polarsteps


This is a great app that tracks your travels; you ‘check-in’ and make ‘steps’ at every new location, then you can add images and a description (optional). It shows your progress on a map and has stats like miles and when you were furthest away from home. At the end of your trip, you can buy a picture book with all the images you added to the app along the way. Another plus is that family and friends at home can follow you to see where you are and what you’ve been up too!


Are there any other travel apps that you found were must-haves on your travels?

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