How I told my boss I was going travelling

It’s an uncomfortable conversation, especially when you love your job and have a great relationship with both your manager and the managing director, but when the world calls…

Through all the travel planning, handing in my notice to my job was one of the things that played on my mind. It was my first full-time job that I got straight after university, which made it feel a little sentimental. I’d got into a routine of 9-5, met some amazing people (both that I worked with and for) which meant handing in my notice to run away travelling made it all feel real and to be honest, a little scary!

Luckily for me, my manager and boss have both travelled, so I knew that they’d understand and support my decision.

So, how did I go about telling him…

I decided a date in advance

I checked my contract to make sure I was giving enough notice and I knew when I’d be making my secret known.


When the day crept around, I popped a meeting on his calendar for the next day, this meant he didn’t have ages to deliberate what I needed to discuss.

What to say?!

I devised a rough script of what I needed to say – although I didn’t strictly stick to this, it was helpful so I could confidently discuss me leaving with him and gather answers for any questions I thought could be thrown my way.

I didn’t tell him too much information about the planning of my travelling; when he asked, I told him when and where I was going, but I didn’t offer any detailed information without being asked. I didn’t want him to think (or know) that I’d been planning to leave for the best part of 2017.


I thanked him – taking on a university grad with little experience could have been a total risk for his business, but he took that chance and it’s something I can never truly thank him for.

Helping hand

I offered my help – as I work closely with a number of our clients, the transition for them to my replacement needed to be as smooth as possible. I offered a helping hand with looking for my replacement and with the change.

Keep it positive

I’ve not burnt any bridges with my boss or any other of my colleagues. They’re my friends really, but I wouldn’t have wanted to leave on a sour note. You never know who or what you may need in the future…

Get it in writing

Once the meeting was over, I made sure to email him everything that was discussed (to ensure it was in writing) and to thank him again.

LinkedIn Recommendations

By the time I come back from travelling in 8 months time, it’ll be a bit of a pain having to gather recommendations for new job applications, so I made sure to ask if everyone (both my colleagues and my clients) could pop a recommendation on my LinkedIn whilst I was still in my role.

It was a maaaassive weight off my shoulders when I’d finally told him my plans. My boss has travelled all around where I’m going too, so I was dying for him to know so I could get his tips and advice!

It can be quite nerve-wracking leaving a routine, amazing job and work friends behind, but I’m so excited for the next chapter?

I hope this helps guide you on how to tell your boss in a positive and confident way that you’re going travelling!

QUICK TIP – Don’t tell anyone you’re going before you’ve told your boss, not even your best work friends! I told mine and a couple months later, she got promoted and became my manager (awkward!) Although she didn’t tell our boss, it put her in a horrible position of knowing and it meant I had to hand my notice in a month earlier than I’d of liked too.

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