Tips for first time skiiers

The thrill and excitement of skiing, mixed with amazing lifetime memories and the crazy views are worth the chilly weather. I’ve only been 3 times and I’m 22, but I love it. Here are a couple of skiing tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

Be prepared to fall over… A lot

Picture Bambi on ice. After a couple days, you’ll find your feet. As with everything, practice makes perfect, so don’t give up. Lessons are fun and not too time-consuming; try morning lessons to build up your confidence to have freedom in the afternoon.

Packing well is important

You might think ski gear must be expensive, and depending on where and when you shop it definitely can be. If you’ve booked your holiday in advance, what’s the harm in looking? We booked skiing in August 2016 ready for the next February, so I started looking straight away and managed to get everything I needed in sales.

Follow the list below and you’ll be ready to go:

  • Ski clothes from a proper retailer. Make sure your ski jacket and salopettes are waterproof and fit perfectly to keep you dry and warm
  • Enough thermals to last the time you’re there because although it’s cold, you are exercising
  • Snood, socks, and gloves
  • A helmet (safety first!)
  • Goggles, the fave part of my gear
  • Don’t feel like you need to buy skis or boots, you can hire them when you’re there! (Prepare yourself for how weird the ski boots feel, believe me)

Skiing - French Alps

So that’s you in the day sorted, what about the evenings?

  • Jumpers and knitwear! My favourite attire is essential in the evenings
  • Wear your ski jacket to save space when packing
  • Boots with grip (I have Timberlands) – they help you get to dinner in one piece

Don’t feel like you’re too old to start!

The first time I skied I was 15 and my ski instructor told me I’d never be any good because I had started too late in life. Well, I love skiing and I must say I’m not too shabby at it. I’m no Olympian and I’ll always be progressing, but who cares? It’s great fun, so even if you’re an adult with kids and never been before, go go go.

Don’t be put off by cost, cold or fear. It’s a great experience even if you only do it once, it really is worth it!

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